BL-Crypto : Simple Strong Encryptor

  .Includes free secure chat PC Folder / File Encryption Software for Cloud Storage .
for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32/64 bit). .
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• Extremely strong encryption to protect your work on DropBox / Google drive etc
• Folder structure retained (no single file after waiting an hour!)
• Each file retains its file name and extension, easy to see what's encrypted
• Easy to pick and choose what to decrypt
• File page for detailed file Encryption / Decryption operations

• Folder page for detailed folder Encryption / Decryption operations
• Encrypt with AES-256 / AES-128 / Blowfish-64 / BL-Crypto-96 / AES-256+Blowfish-64
• Automatic decryption regardless of encryption used
• Automatic strong key generation from your password or phrase
• Text input mode with link to your e-mail client to quickly send encrypted mail
• Encypted, multi-party chat within your LAN or over Internet
• You decide password and encryption for your particular needs (speed / file size)
• Stealth mode Automatically converts any files in your Cloud folder to encrypted zip files

Don't let someone else hold your keys, you keep them and be safe and secure!
Encryption made easy:As easy as 1, 2, 3 ..

Simple, Strong and Fast - why wait? Get yours today!


.Full License version (1.1), now only US$ 9.75 (no monthly fees)

.Install on up to 3 PCs (home or SME office)


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Why use an Encryption Solution ? ........

Do you develop software, or designs, or have confidential business documents, maybe as an individual or SME?
Maybe you're a celebrity who wants their privacy kept that way, including photos and other private data?

Properly protecting your data is now as easy as 1 2 3.

If you use DropBox, GoogleDrive, or other cloud storage then protecting your data properly means encrypting it so YOU have the keys to unlock it. Large organizations are the first the hackers will try to gain entry to. If you have your own strong encryption then you can rest asssured your data will be safe.

We are a non US company, our software has NO back doors. You only need look after your password or phrase. We generate the strong encryption keys, but YOU keep them.

BL-Crypto is very low cost and very easy to use.

Saving data on the cloud with providers such as DropBox and GoogleDrive is becoming very popular. Indeed it makes very good sense. Storage technology and reliability used by these large organizations is nothing short of amazing. However, it is these very same organizations that are always the primary targets for hackers. Also, if Government organizations request to search into their data-bases they will inevitably hand over the keys. Yes, don't forget, if you use top level encryption from these providers it is THEY who hold the encryption keys - not YOU. With the BL-Cryto you put that extra level of security with the peace of mind that you and ONLY you hold your own keys. Your keys are also locked up with triple strong encryption, again with you holding the key. When encrypting folders there is no single output file option with the BL-Crypto. Every file in every folder that you choose to save is always saved with its original file name in tact. You easily see, on the output (cloud) folder, all your files and folders and can pick and choose which one or ones you want to bring back (decrypt). You can save different file types with different encryption methods, and also have options for different passwords. (Strong keys are automatically generated from your passwords / phrases). Your so encrypted files can all be mixed and matched on the cloud server. When you choose some or all of these together the BL-Crypto will automatically bring them back, decrypt them and save to where-ever you like automatically. You only need remember your password. And if in future you should even forget which software you used to encrypt and save the files, no problem, the file names are modified with BL appended to remind you of BlueLight Crypto, and the key number too, to remind you which password you used.

As well as supporting industry standard AES-256, AES-128, and Blowfish-64, it also features our own encryption (BL-Crypto-96). Designed by our very own Physicist there are no open or published specifications, and of course no back doors (And no SSL!). Operation is very slow making brut force attacks very very difficult. (Should only be used for text messages or very small files)

Rest assured the BL-Crypto has been designed specifically for cloud storage and with you at its very heart.

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Note: This is an original Bluelight product and totally clean of virus and bloatware. Please DO NOT download from pirate sites.


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